Respect is a core value


Committed employees create strong companies. Adequately trained and motivated people work well together when they feel at home in the company they work for. A good working relationship with colleagues and managers improves the quality of work and well-being.

Listen carefully 

We set great store by internal communication. We listen to our employees. We offer them the opportunity to give feedback on how we work together through anonymous satisfaction surveys, among others.  

Offer growth opportunities

 We encourage our companies to provide their employees the space to develop further. People like to do their jobs well. By continuous training and personal coaching, they get the chance to grow in their professionalism. 

Employees are given the opportunity to organise their work in such a way as to ensure that they achieve the expected results. They become, as it were, owners of their own working processes, so that they can improve them from within.

Respectful communication

Honest and respectful communication is very important to us. Business-like, but with due respect for everyone, including colleagues, customers and suppliers, and vice versa, as well as for everyone’s opinions or points of view.

"If you have respect for people as they are, you can be more effective in helping them to become better than they are." (John W. Gardner)

Focus on simplicity

The number of hierarchical levels in our companies is reduced to a minimum. The lines of decision are short. We opt for a communication and consultation culture which is informal and direct, in line with procedures that are necessary for the proper operation of our company. Investments in ICT reinforce this approach.